Possible results

For discussion: a mockup of a (partial) search result for Glamo─Ź, surfacing additional mapping and information links, plus a corresponding Atom feed with Pleiades "findspot" linkages: http://concordia.atlantides.org/examples/edh-mockups/glamoc.html

Site for mapping MoI (EDH) records to the relevant Pleiades names

  • See Pleiades map directories imported-map-dirs-20-22. See also PleiadesMatchInterface.
  • The "geometry" field uses an idiosyncratic format. EDH input data will be munged into the right format when match interface results are returned. When EDH provides {"lat": 30.0,"lon": 40.0} (for example), Pleiades will return {"geometry": "Point:[40.0, 30.0]"} in the results for easy copy/paste.
  • EDH should also carry pleiades identifier for each place. (e.g. http://pleiades.stoa.org/places/619107))
  • See here for previous notes, questions and suggestions concerning the establishment of a new geography database for the storage and administration of geographical details in EDH.